Get a freer and stronger singing voice

To train your vocal technique, to be able to sing with your voice’s natural characteristics and have access to the full range with dynamics and ease in pronunciation is not all it takes to sing “well”, but precisely this is the point of seeking out a voice teacher. A voice lesson is efficient time dedicated to training your singing voice.

Voice teacher Emil Svensson gives singing lessons in Stockholm and remotely using Skype but also regularly in Göteborg. There is no substitute for private voice lessons if you strive to seriously develop your singing voice, for life. You invest in yourself, whether for your professional music career or for the very joy of singing. During a voice lesson, by using vocal exercises, you get to experience passaggio, connected voice, mix, and deeper breathing with support for the tone. Your singing voice becomes stronger, freer and remains healthy. You get your vocal exercises recorded, accessible only by you online, even on your mobile so that you can practice correctly whenever and wherever you wish.

Emil Svensson has since 2007 had continuous teacher training with the celebrity vocal coach Seth Riggs and teaches Speech Level Singing. SLS is the methodology which Brett Manning’s Singing Success, VocalizeU – Vocology In Practice and Institute of Vocal Advancement are founded on. Are you a voice teacher and interested in the method which effectively eliminates vocal breaks and has helped so many acclaimed singers, 120+ grammy artists and metropolitan opera awards winners? I am at your service and welcome you and all questions. I by no means possess all answers but I gladly share knowledge and experiences I have with Speech Level Singing.

Singing class for 1€ per day

It started mainly as a fun concept to meet online for practicing and discussing vocal technique but this soon proved to be a tremendously beneficial and valuable “hangout”. In addition to getting vocal exercises for your singing voice you hear and see other participants, which gives you an understanding about voice training and what you’ll soon notice is that your own practice becomes more focused and efficient – you’ll get better result!

The class is online, using Skype and Google Hangouts we’re able to meet by video calls in small groups. As I am trying to keep the price low but the value high it’s not for sure I can offer a class at times that works for you. Please let me know if your interested below (not a commitment).


1€ per month

Yes, I’m interested

Vocal technique training with results

To develop your vocal technique has very little to do with genre and musical taste. Naturally there are opinions about the way singers ought to exercise their voice and the opinion I share is that the voice should be trained from the perspective of physical and acoustical balance.

Airflow, vocal cords, and resonance are developed in balance using vocal exercises which lead the voice through passaggio so that you feel how the voice is ONE “connected voice”, or “mix”. You get vocal power without engaging external muscles such as in the throat, neck, jaw or tongue, in other words your larynx remains low and stable as when we speak in a healthy manner. The vocal cords (vocal folds) capacity to “resist” the air pressure from the lungs and diaphragm will grow hence more volume becomes available in a natural and healthy way. BUT we don’t use power as a means to “reach” higher notes, which is the most common cause for strained vocal cords, hoarseness, and vocal injury such as nodules. You get the volume, you get the high notes, and you get a comfortable voice but it requires lots of practice, correct practice. That’s why you get a login for and can practice with recordings of your voice lessons anytime whether we’ve met in Stockholm or via Skype.

Voice lessons with Emil Svensson gives you a singing technique that…

  • Translates into any style of music
  • Balances your entire vocal range
  • Eliminates vocal breaks, cracks, flipping etc
  • Makes the voice feel easy, natural, and safe
  • Gives you full voice – ONE voice through all registers
  • Gives you comfort in being able to trust your voice
  • Gives you the freedom to focus on being an artist!

Price and location

Price for individual singing lesson

One hour 1050 SEK

55 min teaching + recording of the lesson

Half hour 525 SEK

25 min teaching + recording of the lesson


1 & 1/2 hour for 1500 SEK

6x60min / 12x30min for 5500 SEK



The vocal lessons are held in Stockholm at Bergsunds Strand 7 (T Hornstull) or remotely via Skype but also regularly in Göteborg.

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Said about Emil Svensson...

"After 25 years as a professional singer, it is important to constantly keep your voice in shape. Emil has been both perceptive and thorough during many years of rewarding vocal lessons where we together have honed my technique. But whether you're a pro or just enjoy singing Emil will give you all the right tools to develop further."
— Anders Edenroth - THE REAL GROUP